ROD never wanted to learn the rules and if he borrows any, it is to better bend them. The artist is faithful to the man, uncompromisingly so. Every piece resounds like a blast. Guts spread over the canvas. Life projected. A thousand emotions propelled into a multilayer picture, striking and powerful. A concentration of absolute.
Contemporary in his themes and in the way he approaches them, ROD offers his sensitive and straight view of a reality that inspires him as much as it deeply moves him, in pieces that are often dark but always glorified.
Imbued with anger, struggle, rage, irony, hope, love. Humanity.
Every piece asserts itself in a unique style, daring, without restraint and beyond the norm. For ROD nothing shall hinder nor betray the message and values he imbeds in all of his pictures, each one a sequence of a sincere statement of faith.
Although his creations, in their overwhelming presence intrigue by their size as much as by their meaning, ROD is not trying to convince. Thus, the spectator’s eye remains free. “Just like the artist”.